well dollskill was just taken off my list of all time favorite stores….


that email is almost worse than the headdress 

um i’m native American

I find that offensive. I don’t normally get too uptight but

the point of a war bonnet/headdress is not to “get all the boys looking your way” or whatever, but it’s a sign of honor; every single feather, it’s position, it’s dye job, it’s notches; they each represent a deed done by the warrior.

My great great great great great great GREAT grandfather had a full, to-the-floor war bonnet, because he was a greatly respected chief and warrior and negotiator. he was straight up badass. and that’s THE POINT OF THE HEADDRESS OKAY

not only is this completely unrealistically designed and completely inaccurate but it spits in the face of the purpose of the war bonnet and it’s position of high rank and honor.

And the email is ridiculous beyond even the site’s description of the item.

Fuck you, DollsKill.

Yes i’m native American, and that’s badass, but this is not ”to honor mhy background” or to “give me representation”. 

calling you racist is NOT RIDICULOUS because you ARE.



Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!